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glove model 1.jpg

Olive Green began as a university project in Wellington, New Zealand. " Boxing Glove" was the first ever piece designed by the founder. First 3D printed from high grade wax, then cast with molten sterling silver. The intricate detail of the finished product and the endless potential of the 3D modelling medium sparked an idea for a 3D printed jewellery brand.

With the help of a manufacturing company in the states, Olive Green combines the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing with the lost-wax casting process developed by humans thousands of years ago. 

A wax rendering of the 3D model comes out of the 3D printer, then plaster flows around the wax to make a mold. Once the plaster sets, the wax gets melted out of the mould and molten metal gets poured in. Once the metal cools, the plaster is broken away. Finally a fine detail polish is carried out.

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